a hypothetical web site for a hypothetical transit district

The SCTD operates 2 diesel hybrid buses,the BLT,in a loop in the city of Beacon and the village of Fishkill. The BLT stops at the LRV stations in these 2 locations to take you from the station to your final destination.

The "MOUNTAINEER" LRVs operate on the old,virtualy abandoned,Beacon-Danbury rail line. This line has been upgraded to modern 21st century standards with concrete ties, improved signaling and grade crossings.The "MOUNTAINEER" LRVs (Light Rail Vehicles) are what is known as a "DMU" - Diesel Multiple Unit.They operate as a double articulated unit. The modern low floor design makes them fully ADA complient and accessible.The deployable threshold allows for safe entry at the high level station platforms.They are manufactured by Siemens US,in Sacramento CA,to full US FRA regulations. This allows the vehicles to operate on the Hudson line.On order are several more to provide new direct LRV service from Holmes (town of Pawling) to the city of Poughkeepsie.